SaReGaMaPa Little Champs 3rd June 2011

Saregamapa little champs

Zee Saregamapa is one of the leading singing reality show from last 16 years. Today is the 1st Audition episode of lil champs 2011 & 2012.

Watch 3rd June 2011 Episode videos of Sa re ga ma pa Lil champs 2011

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champ Part 1

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champ Part 2

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champ Part 3

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champ Part 4

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champ Part 5

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    13 Responses to “SaReGaMaPa Little Champs 3rd June 2011”

    1. SATYA DESAI says:


      this is the probably worst since of little champs,because you have selected THREE IDIOTS as the judges.kailash may be a good singer but he behaves and speaks lika a true idiot!javed ali and adnan sami are having typical MUSLIM mentality and thats why they didnt select VANDE MATARAM singer ZUBIN..such mentally SICK JUDGES should be scrapped. just look at the judges of x factor and learn something from them.. a copy of this mail fwd to SHIVSENA also..VANDEMATARM

    2. seema says:

      Lil Champs is Truly a lovely show and would’ve been a piece of remarkable television to be deeply proud of if it wasn’t for Kailash Kher’s unpolished behavior and inhumane attitude. It would be quick and easy to simply call him an ass, but that won’t serve any productive purpose so perhaps someone could communicate a necessary fact to him… He has been bestowed with the divine responsibilty to appraise young children who base a tremendous amount of their self-worth on those they look up to. If a child doesn’t perform well, it is a sin worthy of grave accountability to demoralize him or her by making fun of them AND additionally at times making fun of their parents (which he has done often enough.)To tell a child they should do something else with their time rather than sing is truly sick. Do you really think you need to say something like that Kailash (and Javed Ali) to make sure they don’t come again to the show?! A simply sorry dear, you’ll need to work much harder to proceed to the next level would be enough. Kailash’s need to be so vocal and judgemental shows insecurity and arrogance and also the lowest example of an artist. For goodness sake, these are children we are effecting. They don’t need more examples of tactlessness and negativity or ridicule… there is enough of that in today’s world. Be an example of greatness, restrain and wisdom… a classy, human being with the strength of understanding the big-picture-effect we have on children with our words and behavior. Be a real star… the stuff heroes are made of, because each of you have been their heroes simply because you can sing. They have made the basic mistake of assuming you are kind and wise and mature because you are famous for your singing ability. Don’t bring yourself and them down. Shape up Kailash. Even for your own sake… coz, at the very very least, even karma can be a bitch.

    3. govind says:

      seema and satya you both sucks real hard…. i m not at all agree with you…

    4. Hussain says:

      2011 saregampa is the history i love u javed

    5. Jamsheed_d says:

      Aslamwalyekum. duniya me kisi bi tv shows me ‘sa re ga ma pa’ jaisa show dhundne se bi nahi milega. ‘sa re ga ma pa’ ke bend walon ko mai dil se shukriya ada karta hu.

    6. zakirshah says:

      aap sab ko mera salaam azmat hussain ko or salman meri deer sari duai khush rahai or aap ko or agai le jai aamin or kalash khir ko kam boolne ki izazat de or adnan pakistani nice men javeed sar ko deer sara pyar

    7. vineet says:

      Anmol ko vote karna chahate hai.

    8. ravi says:

      i love this show. i love azmat khan saheb… he is a very good singer and became a lil champ.. i wish all the very vry best and last congratulation the band avdhu…wow fentastic and boombastic

    9. Lambodh says:

      GIFT OF GOD….

      ur vote will make lots of difference..if u think, azmat really deserves it,,then just dont talk,,,,vote online too….you can vote twice from the same IP…so dont loose a chance to vote for Azmat…just copy and paste the link…..

      PLZ……PLZ……PLZ…..Do Something

    10. Lambodh says:


      HURRY UP !!!

      What do u want to see? Teardrops of Azmazt or Little champs trophy with him?
      Decide right now coz today will never come again.


      With love from Nepal

    11. Harish Verma says:

      Vote for NITIN……because he is the best singer in little champs………Last Day……Hurry Up!!!!!

    12. Sunil says:


    13. kishorkunal says:

      please give me the date chart of audition 2011-2012

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